Legal Translation

What makes legal translation so difficult?

Judicial institutions and procedures vary from one country to another. Because of this, a legal word used in one country will frequently have completely different legal connotations in another – even though the word itself is translates exactly the same in both countries. This means that translators are not able to provide accurate legal translations based solely on dictionary definitions. A good translator understands that it is not the terms themselves that are important, but the meanings behind the terms. Especially for legal purposes, then, literal translations are simply not good enough. A translation of this kind can only come from a legal translator who understands not only the words, but the legal systems that define the meanings of the legal words and terms of art in both languages. If the translator does not have this legal understanding of both jurisdictions, the translation will not be complete.

Translation of legal texts

Legal translation, then, requires an extreme precision; precision that is only obtained through knowledge of legal systems and experience. Holding legal degrees from both England and the Netherlands, the translators at Voorts Legal Services possess the necessary knowledge to ensure the accurate and complete translation of your Dutch documents into English. Voorts Legal Services also has the experience you require, gained through years of translating both Dutch legislation (including the Dutch Civil Code) and academic writings.

Which legal documents?

  • Legal and judicial documents: for example standard terms and conditions, contracts, summons, judicial decisions, articles of incorporation, agency, legal correspondence.
  • Legislation and other legal rules:for example statutes, regulations, general administrative orders.
  • Official personal documents: for example degrees, birth certificates, marriage certificates, certificate of good conduct, wills, residency permits and adoption decrees.
  • Academic works: for example articles, books, monographs, national reports, PhD theses.

Why Voorts Legal Services?

In addition to experience (click here for an extensive list of the published translations of Voorts Legal Services), we offer highly personal, personable contact; direct contact with the translator; translator and editorial work in one.

What will it cost?

Our tariffs are set at a very competitive rate of approximately €0.15-€0.20 per word (excl. VAT). The price will depend upon the difficulty of the translation and the desired turnaround. With respect to the time required, expect approximately 1 working day for every 1.500-2.000 words.

How does it work?

You have decided that you want to use Voorts Legal Services for your translation. How does it work?

  1. It begins with a free, no-obligation, quotation. Simply send the text you want translated to us. In the body of the e-mail please mention when you require the translation to be finished and any other constraints that may affect our work.
  2. We will provide a quote for the translation within 48 hours. This quote will take into account the difficulty of the translation, as well as the turnaround period.
  3. If you agree to the quote, we will then proceed to translate the text.