Legal Research

Legal Research: National Reports and Commissioned Research

Comparative law is an integral part of legal research and the quality of any comparative law research project is ultimately reliant upon first-class national reports. At Voorts Legal Services, our track record includes writing numerous of these national reports on both Dutch and English law. Having successfully completed legal degrees in both jurisdictions, our researchers are able to provide understandable texts on the common law system for civil lawyers, as well as the civil law system for common law lawyers. Extensive research experience, both individually and in cooperative contexts, ensures that the researchers at Voorts Legal Services has the ability to deliver the product you expect.

Legal Research: Editorial work

Dr. Ian Sumner, owner of Voorts Legal Services, is currently also editor of a number of national and international journals:

  • Jurisprudentie Personen- en Familierecht
  • Nederlands Internationaal Privaatrecht
  • International Family Law