Legal Editing

Editing of English language texts

Editing English language texts requires a precision that can only come from an excellent understanding of the English language, paired with extensive practical experience. The editors at Voorts Legal Services possess the necessary knowledge and practical experience to ensure the correct and efficient editing of your English language documents. Furthermore with an excellent grasp of both English and Dutch, the editors at Voorts Legal Services are able to communicate with you in whichever language you feel more comfortable!

Which editing services?

  • Language editing: It could be that you simply need a language editor. We will read your text and correct the grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency, formatting, tone and idiom usage. In close co-operation with you, we will provide you with a text that meets the highest standards of the English language.
  • English adaptation: It could be that you have already written a text in Dutch and translated the text yourself. However, the different languages will often we read by different audiences. At Voorts Legal Services we can adapt your text so that it is suited to your intended audience. Some information may need to be added, whereas other information may well be able to be omitted. Through close co-operation between you and our editors, a text will be provided which truly meets your requirements.

Which documents?

  • Academic documents: for example articles, books, monographs, national reports, PhD theses.
  • Business documents: for example marketing plans, financial reports, yearly reports.
  • Student documents: for example papers, dissertations, application letters.

Why Voorts Legal Services?

We offer highly personal and direct contact with the editor. Our services are efficient and precise, and we work to deadlines. Together will aim to achieve the product that you desire. Click here for an extensive list of the published works of Voorts Legal Services.

What will it cost?

We have set our tariffs at a very competitive rate of approximately €8 per page (excl. VAT), depending on the services you require. The price will depend upon your exact requirements, the difficulty of the editing work and the desired turnaround. We also have a special rate for students!

How does it work?

You have decided that you want to use Voorts Legal Services for your editing. How does it work?

  1. It begins with a free, no-obligation, quotation. Send the text you want editing via the tool below. In the body of the e-mail mention when you require the editing work to be finished.
  2. 2. Within two working days, we will provide you with a quote for the editing work. This quote will take into account the difficulty of the job, as well as the turnaround period.
  3. If you agree to the quote, then we will proceed to edit the text.

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