Legal Advice

Legal Advice: National and International Family Law Advice

Family law is a rapidly evolving field of law. Responding to current social trends and regulating familial relationships is a demanding task for both the legislator and the judiciary. Society’s complexity in this area understandably requires a nuanced legal response; a response that is often, by necessity, as complex as the segments of society such responses ultimately affect. Sometimes, expert advice is required to provide a solution, or provide support for a solution already found. At Voorts Legal Services, our advisors are highly specialized in their fields. Every advisor has more than five years of experience in their field and has either completed or is completing their doctoral thesis (or equivalent qualification). We are able to provide expert opinions and expert legal advice across the entire spectrum of family law, including matrimonial property law, inheritance law, international family law and foreign law (for example English or Belgian law).

Legal Advice: Aspirant Adoptive Parents

For many couples unable to conceive children, adoption is a solution of last resort. For others, adoption is an altruistic way of helping children in need of permanent homes. Regardless of the motives, aspirant adoptive parents are faced with a plethora of legal, emotional and social hurdles. The compulsory courses provided by the Foundation Adoption Services (Stichting Adoptievoorzieningen) will answer many of the emotional aspects of this time-consuming and demanding process. The legal questions may, however, remain. With the costs of adoption already steep, the costs of retaining a lawyer may well seem prohibitive. At Voorts Legal Services we are able to offer a compromise: Expert legal advice attuned to your individual situation, but at a fraction of the cost of a lawyer. With first-hand experience as an adoptive parent, coupled with more than 10 years experience in the field of international adoption law, the advisors at Voorts Legal Services are more than equipped to answer your questions.

Legal Advice: Foreign Law School Applications

The repercussions of increasing globalization and internationalization have also been felt in the field of legal education. It is no longer the exception for a law student to have applied for and spent some time in a foreign jurisdiction prior to graduating. With an ever-increasing number of students applying for LLM programmes abroad, the competition has also become much tougher. At Voorts Legal Services, we can help you prepare your application to foreign law schools in the English-speaking world. With first-hand experience with various selection procedures, we will ensure that you submit the best application possible.