About us

Mission Statement

Voorts Legal Services was created to improve knowledge and skills in a variety of legal fields and across both public and private sectors.

Voorts Legal Services is committed to the goal of providing high-quality, small-scale professional teaching, primarily through the use of innovative and creative teaching techniques.

Voorts Legal Services achieves this goal by combining its thorough understanding of substantive law with the proven ability to transfer this knowledge to others in an uncomplicated and understandable manner.

Voorts Legal Services is also committed to improving the standard of legal English in the Netherlands by means of accurate legal translation, professional English legal editing and intensive training courses in legal English.

Professional Background

Voorts Legal Services was founded in 2012 by Ian Sumner. After having received a Law Degree (cum laude) from Christ’s College, Cambridge University, Ian Sumner emigrated from England to The Netherlands in 2001. From 2001 to 2005 he was engaged in doctoral research in the field of international family law. This research culminated in the defence of his PhD in 2005, for which he won the Ius Commune Prize in 2005 and the AISDC Prize from the Swiss Institute for Comparative Law in 2008.

From 2005 to 2012 Ian Sumner was employed by the Molengraaff Institute for Private Law, firstly as a junior lecturer (adjunct professor), thereafter as a lecturer and researcher (Assistant professor) and finally up until his departure as senior lecturer and researcher (Associate professor).

In 2008, Ian also received the Young Lecturer of the Year Award from Utrecht University. Ian was nominated by students from the Faculty of Law, and ultimately selected by a university-wide jury to be awarded the prestigious title.

During his time at Utrecht University, Ian wrote numerous publications on a wide variety of topics in the field of national and international family law, including books, articles, contributions to books and annotations. He has also translated the Dutch Civil Code and edited numerous volumes in the European Family Law Series. A full list of his academic publications can be found here.  In 2010 he was also responsible for the first-ever faculty-wide standardized research skills instruction in Utrecht. The instruction published by Ars Aequi entitled Research Skills : Instruction for Lawyers has become a popular student guide across The Netherlands and beyond.

In 2011, Ian Sumner announced his departure from the academic world and embarked upon a new challenge in the private sector. With the establishment of Voorts Legal Services, Ian hopes to best utilise the talents that he developed over the course of his career to assist students and legal professionals with the problems they encounter.

Company Name

“Voorts” means “furthermore” in Dutch. The word itself is a legal term synonymous with the phrase “and so on”, which is exactly what Voorts Legal Services is. We do not just provide a single service, instead we expand on and provide a host of various legal services tailored to the needs of the client.

Furthermore, each letter of the word ‘voorts’ represents one of our services (in Dutch): translation (vertalen), professional education (opleidingen), research and advice (onderzoek & advies), editing (redigeren), exam training (tentamentrainingen) and seminars (seminars).

Company Logo

The company logo was designed by the very capable hands of Vincent van der Vliet, of Bakabaka Design. The logo design developed after a number of brainstorming sessions. It consists of 6 checkmarks or ticks denoting the six branches of the company. The orange checkmark symbolizes the overarching aim of all of the services provided, namely to ensure that our clients receive high-quality service whether this be in the field of professional education, training or language services. The fact that all these services are brought together in one business is represented by the overlapping nature of the logo. The enthusiasm and energy with which Voorts Legal Services operates is ultimately represented through the star created with the coming together of the six checkmarks. All in all, a logo that symbolises exactly what we do and aspire to be!